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infoHome Improvement Marketplace looking at funding Land: India | Investorenart:
infoHighly innovative, international Swiss electronics (mobile devices) Land: Schweiz | Investorenart:
infoWorld new and unique system for fashion industry Land: Schweiz | Investorenart:
infoWaste Incinerator 3.5 tons/hour with energy recovery 3.2 MWh Land: Romania | Investorenart:
infoPRODUCTION START UP PROJECT IN RUSSIA MOSCOW REGION Land: Russian Federation | Investorenart:
infochamiscal solution Land: Turkey | Investorenart:
infochamiscal solution Land: Turkey | Investorenart:
infoDatacenter in Switzerland Land: Schweiz | Investorenart:
infoSeeking Joint Venture to build Hotel in Natural Reserve in Spain Land: Spanien | Investorenart:
infoHOTEL RESORT LOOKING JV in Ukraine, Odessa Land: Ukraine | Investorenart:
infoPartner for operating coffee producing in Ukraine Land: Ukraine | Investorenart:
infoTerrain for building the luxury flats in Dalmatia Land: Croatia | Investorenart:
infoMaterials Science and Engineering Firm with Proprietary Technology Land: USA | Investorenart:
infoTech for bio-ethanol-lamps that solves all current problems of old tech Land: Schweiz | Investorenart:
info$3M new (but proven) market segment investment in a well established market Land: Russian Federation | Investorenart:
infoFinance for high profitable hospital project in Istanbul Land: Turkey | Investorenart:
infoTexas Oil Company Private Placement Land: USA | Investorenart:
infoFunding for Company Increase wanted Land: Spanien | Investorenart: