Was kostet die Platzierung von Kauf- oder Verkaufsangeboten?

Das Kaufen und Verkaufen von Unternehmen, Lizenzen, Webseiten und anderen Geschäften erfolgt auf Mitgliedbasis. HARVARD M&A berechnet keine Verkaufsprovisionen für umgesetzte GEschäfte.
Registrieren Sie sich einfach kostenlos und unverbindlich in einem der folgenden Accounts, platzieren Sie Ihr Angebot oder Ihre Nachfrage oder suchen tausenden von Angeboten. Sie haben eine 15-30 Tage dauernde Probezeit.

Verkäufer von Business

If you are the owner of a business, a business website, a technology, a patent or other intellectual properties, and if you are looking to sell this business, either directly or through a broker or intermediary, then a membership at Harvard M&A Marketplace is totally free. You can register a Business for Sale account for free and post your offer.

Business Buyer

If you are a private or institutional investor, who is looking to buy a business, a business website, a technology, a patent or other intellectual properties, and if you are looking to make such an acquisition directly or with the help of a broker or intermediary, then a register in the Business Buy account You can register at a Business Buy account for free and post your ad there. You can also post Business Wanted listings, which will be sent to registered sellers and business brokers.

Business brokers

If you are a professional advisor, who is a specialized in buying or selling businesses - such as an agent, a broker or an intermediary - then you can register a free trial Business Broker account and post your businesses for sale and business wanted listings.

How can I promote my listings?

If you want to promote your listing with more visibility you can book featured listings or banners.
When you place a new listing in your account you can choose between a free clasic listing or a Prime listing which will be listed at the top positions of all search results.

How do buyers or sellers get in contact?

Buyers and seller must first register at Harvard M&A before clicking the "Contact" button on your listing. That way you will get only requests from qualified buyers or sellers. The messages from buyers and sellers are delivered through the marketplace messaging system. You are able to screen all messages in your account before replying.

How can I monitor and improve my listing

When you are logged in to your account you can monitor all enquiries and pageviews made on your listing.

Can I remain anonymous when I sell a business

Selling a business is a very sensitive and private process. So Harvard M&A respects the privacy of sellers and buyers as well. As a seller or buyer, you do not have to reveal specific details about your business for sale - such as the name of the business or its exact location. Also, you do not have to reveal any contact details, such as your e-mail address, telephone number or name. All messages from buyers are delivered to you through the marketplace e-mail system. This means that your anonymity can be protected at all times and as long as you want.